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Diamond Grading Report

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Pearl Report

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Jewelry Report

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SGS Products & Services

SGS laboratory offers our clients a guarantee of confidence to ensure a public trust for an authentication of gemstones, categorized in 4 main types of report: colored stone, diamond, pearl and jewelry.

Colored stone : here are examples of how we identify the stones.
  • Corundum - Ruby, Blue sapphire, Yellow sapphire Natural or synthetic Undergone the process of gem enhancement
  • Beryl - Emerald Natural or synthetic Undergone the process of oiling treatment
  • Jadeite - Jade Natural or imitation Undergone the process of bleaching Undergone the process of color dyeing

Diamond : grading under 4cs’ criteria

  • Carat
    Weight and dimension
  • Clarity
    Ranging from FL(flawless) to I3(Imperfect three)
  • Color
    Ranging from D color(100%) to M color(91%), and below M
  • Cut
    Proportion, symmetry and polish (3 excellences)
    ** “Heart & Arrows” authentication

Pearl : points that need to be determined as good quality ones

  • Salt / fresh water pearl
  • Natural or synthetic
  • Color dyeing

Jewelry Dossier : for those who wish to give jewelry with classy and trustworthy certificate as a valuable present to your loved ones

The differences of four types of report
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